Bike Throttle Bodies To Car Engine Inlet Manifolds

ALTiSS can supply complete ready to fit conversions for bike throttle bodies or carbs, or any individual component required including manifolds, fuel rails, air boxes etc.

Inlet manifolds can be produced to various specifications and to suit most combinations of throttle bodies
to car engines, and all ALTiSS manifolds are matched exactly to the inlet port shape to
provide optimum fuel / air flow efficiency.

Tthe most popular throttle body used for this conversion is from the Suzuki GSXR, these throttle bodies can be seperated and re-spaced to match the port centres of the cylinder head ensuring that
the inlet tracts are of an equal length.


Vauxhall XE 2.0 16V

Honda CBR600 To Rover V8

Various Manifolds Etc

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